Norden Ruder is a hostel that situated across from Taichung.
We are looking forward to share the beauty of the city and the local lifestyle with you,
we offer a space for free-flowing communication.
Through traveler's eye to see a bigger world and to hear most touching stories.

This is Norden Ruder,full of traveler's dreams and hopes,

A space carries traveler's memories and to feel each other's warmth on this rare encounter. 
about us


  • Room 1

    Single Bed in Dormitory Room

    The classic backpacker room is for two with a separate bathroom and toilet. Even on a small budget we offer more privacy!

    In response to environmental protection policy, we don't provide single use toiletries, so don't forget to bring your own toothbrush/toothpaste.

  • Room 2

    Standard Twin Room

    Two single beds with a separate bathroom and toilet is perfect to share with a friend.

    We don't provide television it's because we believe you've come all the way to take in the beauty of the city, and we don't want to do anything that might stop you from doing that.

  • Room 3

    Standard Double Room

    One double bed with separate bathroom and toilet. You can enjoy it all to yourself, but it's tailor made for two.

    No smoking allowed.
    (or would be charged $3000)

  • Room 4

    Quadruple Room

    Two king size beds with separate bathroom and toilet, for you, and your family or friends.

    We provide basic body wash and shampoo by "O'right" It's a eco-friendly, local, Taiwanese brand working hard for environmental protection.